Giclee Prints:


  • Gallery style digital prints produced on high quality art paper

  • Images may be cropped slightly for best sizing

  • Dispatched in a hard backed envelope.



   RRP £14.50


   These giclees are currently discounted to just £9.50 including p&p.


    Charity supporters: when purchasing please complete the contact form (on the Enquiries page) stating your charity's code and your name.  We'll then make the 20% donation to the charity.


Cardiff Castle


The view depicts the gothic revival construction of the Castle.  The image is in an Impressionist Art style.  It's based on an original painting by artist Andrew Fitton.


2.5cm border


Produced on high quality 'Dapple' Art paper.


Dimensions 34.6 x 28.9 cm


5 in stock


'Bwyty Hayes Island Cafe', Hayes, Cardiff City Centre


Aligned with the Impressionist tradition, this view features an outdoors scene, depicting people sitting at tables around the much loved 'Bwyty Hayes Island Cafe'.


See the photos to view the texture of the paper. This may vary slightly.



34.8 x 25.7cm




'Cardiff Central Market'


This image depicts the vibrant colours of items being sold on a Fruit and Vegetable Stall in Cardiff Central Market.


It reflects the current social trend of promoting and celebrating the local growing of produce, and it's sale by local businesses and traders.


Dimensions: 30 x 23.8cm


Dapple Art paper


3 in stock


Mumbles Pier and Lighthouse


A Giclee featuring the  historic Mumbles Pier and the Mumbles Lighthouse.


Photo of actual Giclee pending. The Giclee features the image shown and there is a 2.5cm border.  Produced on high quality Dapple Art paper.


Dimensions: 34.7cm (h) x 28.7 cm (w)


5 in stock